Our Mission

We support Aviation Professionals to find and engage proven methods to create additional income via online business opportunities. 

There is truly incredible money to be made, in many different ways; and it is great fun too.

Aviators are our Tribe

We’ve found something that works and is ideally suited to both the circumstances and the aptitude of aviation professionals.

We want to share this with you and help you to succeed alongside us.

Your Mission

[should you choose to accept it]

Take action.

Do your research, ask the questions, kick the tires. 


Engage + Do the training + Flex your muscles and experiment with your growing knowledge.

And we really have cool news for you!

The personal qualities that are most valuable to grow a massively  profitable online business are exactly those that are built into you already as an aviator:

  • Disciplined
  • Systematic
  • Diligent
  • Sense of fun

You already have all it takes - absolutely.

And here at JET A-1 we are here to help you to take confident action; along with our network of carefully selected partners.

Let's go!

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